EP5: Thriving Through Adversity – How To Build A Savvy Business with Heather Crabtree

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TW: In this conversation, Heather and Katy discuss the death of Heather's child, and the journey of grief that she's navigating. If this is a sensitive topic for you, you may wish to skip this episode.

Join us for an extraordinary episode of the Hard Costs podcast as Katy Widrick engages in a heartfelt conversation with Heather Crabtree, a visionary business coach and growth strategist. As the founder of Savvy Business, Heather specializes in guiding online coaches and service professionals to reach the next level in their business without compromising their values, priorities, or boundaries. With over a decade of experience, Heather has been instrumental in helping service pros cultivate thriving businesses that align seamlessly with their desired lifestyles.

In this candid and touching episode, Heather opens up about her trials & tribulations as a business owner while seamlessly weaving her experiences as a mother into the conversation. Despite facing profound challenges, including the heart-wrenching loss of her daughter to pediatric cancer, Heather's resilience and optimism still shine through. Her story is truly a testament to how she has translated her personal growth into empowering others to prioritize their lives while making a meaningful impact in their businesses! 

Heather's authenticity and determination in this conversation will be sure to captivate and inspire you - Tune in to gain invaluable insights, explore the power of resilience, and learn from a remarkable individual who has transformed adversity into a driving force for change. Don't miss this deeply moving conversation on the Hard Costs podcast with Katy Widrick and Heather Crabtree today!


- The two important values to remember as a strategist 

- Heather’s transformative journey from attorney to now coach 

- Navigating the grief and loss of a loved one

- The origin story of Heather’s Savvy Business 

- What being a savvy business owner means to Heather


“I don't want it to be just about strategy, I really look outside with a bird's eye view and question my clients and people that I work with: “What do you want for your life? It's not - what do you want for your business? It's ‘what you want for your life’, and we need to make sure that your business fits within that.” - Heather Crabtree


Heather Crabtree 

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