EP7: From Corporate Career to Six-Figure Success! How to Crush The Rush with Holly Haynes

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Holly Haynes

Get ready for a captivating conversation with the incredible Holly Haynes! She's a force to be reckoned with and a powerhouse entrepreneur dedicated to empowering female entrepreneurs to create simple, scalable strategies to reach multiple six figures without relying on unpredictable social media algorithms.

Holly's not just an entrepreneur; she's an industry expert with a 20-year business consulting background, including Fortune 500 companies. She is also the brains behind Crush the Rush Planner Company and hosts the top-rated Crush the Rush podcast, a podcast focused on teaching you how to build a full-time business on a part-time schedule.

In this episode, Holly shares a pivotal Hard Cost that she faced when her Instagram account was shut down not once, but twice, and the strategies she developed to overcome this obstacle - strategies that she now imparts to her clients. Katy and Holly also talk about the delicate balance between running a thriving business, nurturing a supportive team, and embracing family life. Holly's journey reflects the constantly evolving landscape of modern entrepreneurship, but with her unwavering commitment to strategic growth and life alignment, her insights will leave a trail of valuable insights for all stages of your business and career paths!


- Young Holly's dream job

- How Holly leads a paper product business like her father

- The importance of building a network

- Holly’s journey from a corporate career to an entrepreneur

- What does Holly’s inner circle look like?

- Holly’s life quotes & a preview of her 3-month sabbatical moment

- Katy and Holly on applying the law of attraction


“From a business strategy perspective, our planner really acts like a tripwire. It acts as a stepping stone or an introduction to how I teach and what I do.” – Holly Haynes

“I want to create a team environment that feels very collaborative and inspiring.” — Holly Haynes


Holly Haynes

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