EP6: From Teacher to CEO — Nicole Culver’s Journey to Building a 7-Figure Business

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Get ready for an invigorating episode of the podcast as Katy Widrick welcomes the exceptional Nicole Culver, master mindset coach and success strategist on a mission to help women step into their CEO role so they can grow their business to create their dream life… all within schooltime hours!

Nicole's professional journey is awe-inspiring - Having transitioned from a teaching career to becoming a CEO, she co-runs Elevate with her husband, Dan, growing it into a seven-figure business while maintaining a remarkable 15-hour workweek! How did she manage to do that? Tune in as Nicole brings us along her journey from blogging to business building and uncover the entrepreneurial prowess she cultivated along the way to get to where she is now.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain wisdom and insights from one of the most remarkable minds in business with Katy Widrick and Nicole Culver today!


- How Nicole and Katy met each other

- What’s 10-year-old Nicole's dream?

- What led Nicole to be a founder of a food company

- Hard costs and overall experience of being a business owner

- What’s the upper limit for Nicole as a CEO

- Nicole’s two quotes she lives by

- The 3-month sabbatical of Nicole

- On Nicole’s mantra and signature coffee order


“There's so many defining hard moments. And we still have hard moments, we still have hard months. They're different now. All of those moments are lessons, but also build the resilience that you're going to need to get to the next level.” – Nicole Culver


Nicole Culver

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