EP17: How to Navigate Life’s Twists with Grace, with Amber Naslund

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In this episode, host Katy is joined by Amber Naslund, a seasoned sales and marketing executive driving enterprise growth at LinkedIn. Amber, a co-author of The Now Revolution, shares insights on LinkedIn through her Courageous Career newsletter and how she balances her professional life being a dedicated single mom, equestrian, pit bull rescuer, and freelance writer.

Together, they delve into Amber's journey, discussing her mentorship, career growth, and resilience amidst hardships. Amber also opens up about her business failures, personal relationships, and the importance of self-care. They also explore the significance of support systems, coping with grief and mental health struggles, finding joy through hobbies outside career lives, and maintaining work-life balance. 

So, tune in with Katy and Amber for an inspiring conversation on embracing creativity and discovering joy — both personally and professionally today!


- Amber’s mentorship, hardships, and career growth

- Healing from business failures and personal relationships

- The importance of having a support system 

- Dealing with grief, caregiving, and mental health struggles

- The importance of having non-work-related interests

- Ways to embrace creativity and work-life balance 

- Finding joy in your professional and personal life


“Sometimes it needs to be spending time with yourself or things that intrigue your heart and soul and not just your brain because that's a trap. It's really easy to fall into.” – Amber Naslund

“I've found a little bit of my groove for writing again, I was so devoid of inspiration and motivation to write and create. And some of that was fueled by doubt, some of it was fueled by just burnout.” – Amber Naslund


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