In Hard Costs, we take a deep dive into the journeys the world's most interesting marketing, sales and business leaders took to get to the top. These are the raw and authentic stories you won't find on their websites or LinkedIn profiles, and reveal the often humble, challenging and inspirational paths that led them to their zones of genius.

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EP5: Thriving Through Adversity – How To Build A Savvy Business with Heather Crabtree

Subscribe to @KatyWidrick on YouTube! TW: In this conversation, Heather and Katy discuss the death of Heather’s child, and the journey of grief that she’s navigating. If this is a sensitive topic for you, you may wish to skip this episode. Join us for an extraordinary episode of the Hard Costs podcast as Katy Widrick…

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EP4: From Hollywood Casting Director to Brand Strategist & Podcast Pro – How Dana Bowling Gets Her Daily Dose of Creativity

Subscribe to @KatyWidrick on YouTube! In this episode, Katy speaks with special guest Dana Bowling, host of Daily Dose of Dana, a podcast all about life, pop culture, celebrity news, and all things entertainment! In this episode, Dana brings us along on her journey of becoming a casting director in Hollywood and the pivots she…


EP3: Empower Others By Staying True To Yourself & Your Mission with Chelsea Winstead

Subscribe to @KatyWidrick on YouTube! In today’s conversation, Katy speaks with Chelsea Winstead, Founder of HerHQ, a consulting agency dedicated to empowering women in the realm of freelancing through courses, coaching, and community. Chelsea’s mission revolves around helping women leverage their corporate skills to establish successful freelance service-based businesses, and in this episode, Chelsea is…

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EP2: How to Cast a Big Vision and Then Make it Rain in Business with Veronica Romney

Subscribe to @KatyWidrick on YouTube! In this episode, Katy speaks with Veronica, Master Marketer, Executive Leader, and Founder of Rainmaker Residency, an agency that helps her aspiring entrepreneurs transition from full-time marketers to full-time founders of their businesses! Join in on this conversation as Katy and Veronica talk about curating communities and building strong teams…

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EP1: The Hard Costs of Entrepreneurship – How Systems Saved Jordan Gill

Subscribe to @KatyWidrick on YouTube! Welcome to the premiere episode of the Hard Costs podcast! Katy kicks things off with her very first guest Jordan Gill, the visionary CEO of Systems Saved Me, a consulting agency that provides tools, training programs, and consulting opportunities, all designed to build businesses that revolve around life’s priorities. In…


What is Your Zone of Genius?

Zone of Incompetence, Zone of Competence, Zone of Excellence, and Zone of Genius — what do they mean, how do you know which zone you’re in at any given time and how can you use this to become a better leader? Let’s dive in!


Emotional Launches as a Service Provider

Launches are…all of the superlatives. Amazing. Exhausting. Exhilarating. Defeating. Chaotic. Yet Laser Focused. If you’re the founder behind the launch, it’s your vision, money, energy and reputation at stake. But if you’re a service provider – like me – the journey is no less of a roller coaster. So let’s talk about it, today on…


This May Be Your Biggest Business Expense

I recently updated my headline to say: Fractional CMO and CRO helping 7-figure founders recover their biggest business expense — lost sales — through simple funnel fixes. Because I am CONVINCED that too many founders – too many growth-focused business leaders – are trying to solve for the wrong thing. Let’s dive in, on today’s…


Mastering the Art of Difficult Discussions

If you want to be a leader – no matter what industry you’re in – you will inevitably find yourself the bearer of bad news. Sometimes it’s an HR situation, sometimes it’s with a partner or a colleague, sometimes it’s not even YOUR bad news but you’re obligated to deliver it… And the earlier you…