EP13: Transforming the Tech World with Empathy and Expertise with Audrey Saccone

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Audrey Saccone

Join Katy in this episode for an insightful conversation with Audrey Saccone, experienced marketer and technologist, and CEO of Audrey Digital. After dedicating over five years to the non-profit sector, Audrey ventured into the dynamic world of online marketing, collaborating with industry leaders like Marie Forleo and Sophia Amoruso. Today, Audrey and her team of developers and technologists specialize in enhancing the marketing and digital operations of e-commerce and digital businesses, ensuring they always perform at their best.

In this engaging dialogue, Audrey shares her journey of donning two hats – one as a high-achieving CEO responsible for her team's livelihoods and the other as a dedicated service provider for fellow CEOs. She candidly discusses the beauty and burdens that come with this dual role, offering valuable insights into the ongoing transition her team is experiencing. Audrey's authenticity shines through as she talks about where she's been, where she is now, and her aspirations for the future.

Katy and Audrey also share light-hearted moments, reflecting on their musical theater backgrounds and their transitions into tech and marketing careers. They also dive into the intriguing caffeine habits of CEOs and gain a deeper understanding of the people behind the brands.

This episode offers a genuine and transformative conversation that highlights the challenges and triumphs of Audrey's journey, making it a must-listen for aspiring CEOs, tech enthusiasts, and marketing professionals. Join Katy and Audrey as they explore Audrey's remarkable transformation from a technical marketer to an empowering CEO who fosters a supportive peer network.


- Audrey's CEO journey: Client provider or CEO first?

- How Audrey builds and trusts her team

- Audrey’s journey from aspirations to education

- Tough decisions and conversations as a CEO

- What does Audrey’s inner circle look like?

- Why Audrey shifts to a business model focusing on e-commerce

- How her mantra helps in life

- Audrey’s 3-month sabbatical, biggest fears, & coffee order


“My biggest fear is having to let go of my team. They're everything to me.” - Audrey Saccone


Audrey Saccone

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