EP12: Balance the Act of Collaboration and Community Building with Danielle Wiebe

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In this episode, Katy is joined by the successful entrepreneur and founder behind Business Babes Collective, Danielle Wiebe. Join Danielle as she shares her wealth of entrepreneurial wisdom to the forefront, sharing her journey and lessons learned along the way with us!

Embarking on a journey to unravel the intricate interplay among work, family, and self-care, you'll gain insights into the profound importance of collaboration, community cultivation, and the remarkable potential for transformation while navigating the challenges of being high-achievers in the world of business and family life. You’re also going to explore the vital role of self-care, setting boundaries, and adapting to changing circumstances without compromising one's core values.

Stay tuned in this episode with Katy and Danielle as you’ll definitely gain invaluable insights that will ignite your passion for leading a harmonious and purpose-driven life today!


- The importance of self-care and setting boundaries to avoid burnout

- Navigating the challenges of being a high-achiever while still prioritizing family

- The value of community and collaboration for both personal and professional growth

- Embracing flexibility in work routines and treating others with grace

- The significance of finding meaning in your goals and excitement in work


“I always tell people that you can collaborate with people that are direct competitors to you, as long as there's trust there, and as long as there are shared values.” — Danielle Wiebe

“I went through a pretty severe period of burnout — coming out of a corporate role. I had to trust the universe in saying: ‘If I don't have a scarcity mindset, and if I trust that all these good things can happen, despite this negative experience that has just in for me; then yes, good things will happen.’” — Katy Widrick


Danielle Wiebe

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