EP1: The Hard Costs of Entrepreneurship – How Systems Saved Jordan Gill

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Jordan Gill

Welcome to the premiere episode of the Hard Costs podcast! Katy kicks things off with her very first guest Jordan Gill, the visionary CEO of Systems Saved Me, a consulting agency that provides tools, training programs, and consulting opportunities, all designed to build businesses that revolve around life's priorities.

In this episode, Katy and Jordan dive into not only Jordan’s entrepreneurial journey but her personal story as well - from growing up all too familiar with chronic illness to juggling her public and personal relationships, you will uncover the many hard costs behind running a successful business while still being open & vulnerable with your audience. Jordan and Katy also talk about the power of EMDR, tapping into your inner circle, and why it’s so important to ask for and be willing to receive help.

So join in on the honest conversation around childhood, business, therapy, and so much more with Jordan and Katy today.


- Jordan on sharing her hard costs with the public

- How Jordan tapped into the power of EMDR therapy to trust her gut

- Getting to know young Jordan and her journey to becoming a CEO

- The power of collaboration and asking for help

- Challenges faced and lessons learned in her business journey

- Calling out vs calling in the people in your inner circle

- Jordan and Katy on being Ambiverts as business leaders


"In this space of sharing, the conversations I've had with my husband, my relationship with my bonus son, how that has impacted my life and chronic illness, and making changes in business — all of that is done for the people who know who I am, while everyone else I ignore. It's kind of like my philosophy on it." – Jordan Gill

“I like being the boss. I like being in control. I like being the person who figured out what to do when something went sideways.” – Katy Widrick


Jordan Gill

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