EP2: How to Cast a Big Vision and Then Make it Rain in Business with Veronica Romney

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In this episode, Katy speaks with Veronica, Master Marketer, Executive Leader, and Founder of Rainmaker Residency, an agency that helps her aspiring entrepreneurs transition from full-time marketers to full-time founders of their businesses!

Join in on this conversation as Katy and Veronica talk about curating communities and building strong teams in your entrepreneurial space. Veronica also shares her personal upbringing with immigrant parents, the challenges & hardships faced, and the many invaluable lessons learned that have shaped her unique insights and perspectives as a business owner today.

So, tune in on this episode with your host Katy and learn from Veronica’s personal experiences, insightful tips, and uplifting beliefs today!


- Embracing duality: Being a team member as a CEO

- Veronica’s upbringing with Cuban immigrant parents

- Why asking for help is all part of the process

- Navigating and overcoming the challenges of parenting

- Which is the hardest — marriage, parenthood, or entrepreneurship?

- Finding meaning in every adversity

- The shifting roles of intimacy and proximity

- Veronica’s favorite social media platform, her 3-month sabbatical, and her biggest fear


“Freedom is being defined by nothing to prove and nothing to hide.” – Veronica Romney

“When I think of a true visionary, I think this is a person who is led by ego and not even in a necessarily negative way, but they feel very convicted of what they are called to do in their business in their life.” – Katy Widrick

“I have this belief that entrepreneurs birth other entrepreneurs. And I see it, I see this kind of generational continuation of entrepreneurial mindset within the family walls.” – Veronica Romney


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