EP3: Empower Others By Staying True To Yourself & Your Mission with Chelsea Winstead

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Chelsea 3

In today’s conversation, Katy speaks with Chelsea Winstead, Founder of HerHQ, a consulting agency dedicated to empowering women in the realm of freelancing through courses, coaching, and community. Chelsea's mission revolves around helping women leverage their corporate skills to establish successful freelance service-based businesses, and in this episode, Chelsea is here to share how she has empowered others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams by staying true to her own.

Tune in as Katy and Chelsea dive into the intricacies of freelancing and the path Chelsea took to achieve a six-figure income in this field! Chelsea and Katy also talk about having tough skin as content creators and the importance of staying true to your mission and message, despite the critics. If you're seeking inspiration to navigate the world of entrepreneurship authentically, then this episode is for you. Join in on the conversation and uncover the immense value of cutting through the noise and staying true to yourself & your mission with Katy and Chelsea Winstead today!


- Chelsea’s corporate and military lives

- Earning 6 figures in freelance

- What’s the “retainer model” and how does it help increase your income?

- Strategies to monetize your corporate skills

- How Chelsea and business partner Hollie established the HerHQ community

- Chelsea’s favorite social media, person to be with on a 3-month sabbatical & biggest fear


“I find it to be my purpose to bring that confidence and give women tangible strategies to build. My goal with the business is to do everything that we do like our free communities.” – Chelsea Winstead

“I wholeheartedly believe that you should go where the people are. You shouldn't be like build a house and then try to invite people off the interstate to come over.” – Chelsea Winstead


Chelsea Winstead

Website | Her HQ

IG | @chelsea.winstead

LinkedIn | @chelsea-winstead-mba

TikTok | @chelsea.winstead