EP4: From Hollywood Casting Director to Brand Strategist & Podcast Pro – How Dana Bowling Gets Her Daily Dose of Creativity

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In this episode, Katy speaks with special guest Dana Bowling, host of Daily Dose of Dana, a podcast all about life, pop culture, celebrity news, and all things entertainment!

In this episode, Dana brings us along on her journey of becoming a casting director in Hollywood and the pivots she made that propelled her toward her purpose! Dana also shares how she discovered her love for podcasting even as a little child (yes, before podcasting was officially even a thing!) and her experience being immersed in celebrity culture at a young age. Make sure you stick to the end to hear Dana’s prediction of the online coaching industry, as well as how she overcomes money mindset fears as a CEO in an often unpredictable industry.


- How the pandemic propelled Dana’s purpose

- Get to know little Dana and her love for entertainment & podcasting

- Learn the inspiration behind the Daily Dose of Dana podcast

- Dana’s journey in Hollywood casting to brand strategy

- What’s future of online coaching?

- Hot seat: Dana’s favorite social media platforms, biggest fear, & signature coffee order!


“Sometimes, things happen where you have the right product at the right time.” – Dana Bowling 

“At 26 years old, we got our first show, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. They're popular with younger kids. And so, I was the youngest script and casting director at 26 years old.” – Dana Bowling 

“I love a mantra, I love a quote, I've got a whole stable full of things that I'll pull out. But one that constantly comes to mind for me is the rising tide lifts all boats. I say this on a near-daily basis.” – Katy Widrick


Dana Bowling

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