EP9: Master The Art of Empowering and Leading Teams with Kate Ahl

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In this episode, Katy puts the spotlight on special guest Kate Ahl, CEO and founder of Simple Pin Media, and dives into the dynamic world of leadership, business growth, and self-discovery.  As a Pinterest Strategist, Kate assists her diverse clients, from small businesses to e-commerce and content creators, and in this episode, Kate candidly shares her experiences, offering insights into the challenges of leadership, team dynamics, and finding a balance between personal growth and business pressures.

You’re going to uncover valuable insights from how Kate manages her team, her views on "hire slow, fire fast," and the hard costs of leadership that she’s had to bear. You’re also going to find out what makes Pinterest such a great marketplace to build a network and grow business. So, tune in this conversation and learn how pinterest can help your business between Kate & Katy today!


- Kate's unexpected journey from aspiring teacher to CEO of a Pinterest marketing agency

- How the pivotal role of helping a friend led to the creation of Simple Pin Media

- Navigating the challenges of leadership and finding balance amidst business pressures

- Lessons learned from hiring, firing, and prioritizing team dynamics

- The impact of self-discovery and rest on Kate's personal and professional growth

- Future plans for Simple Pin Media and the value of taking time to make informed decisions


“Pinterest has a language that feels very corporate. And it doesn't feel like it knows how to connect with creators or small businesses.”  – Kate Ahl 

“I often think that that's one of those hard costs that I think about in business which is —it's mentally hard.” – Katy Widrick


Kate Ahl 

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