EP8: Redefining Professionalism & Narratives for Women in the Workplace with Lauren “L2” Howard

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Lauren Howard

In this episode, Katy introduces Lauren "L2" Howard, the brilliant mind behind elletwo, a safe haven and platform for women to speak and teach their truth from their experiences in work, life, and health.

Join in on the conversation as Katy and Lauren highlight and celebrate women's resilience, strength, and worth, inside and outside the workplace. As an advocate for women and mental health, Lauren stresses the importance of respect and safety in the spaces we operate in. Beyond the curated façade of professional social media, ElleTwo carves out a space for the real and authentic. So step into this space as Lauren lets us in on her brand's evolution and the vibrant community she's created.

This episode isn't just about listening – it's about joining the movement that empowers women in every sphere, including the workplace. Tune in and be part of the conversation that's reshaping narratives for women worldwide.


- Redefining professionalism and giving ourselves permission in the workplace

- Lauren on empowering women and its ripple effect on the community she’s built

- How Lauren deals with negative feedback and mansplaining comments on social media

- The importance of showing up as yourself with High Rise community

- What does the inner circle of ElleTwo and Lauren look like?

- Why Lauren shares her personal challenges with her community

- Katy and Lauren on boundaries in parenting


“Equity feels like oppression when you're the oppressor.” - Lauren “L2” Howard

“What I love about really the impact that you're having is that you are now able to do that at scale like you have created a community of women who hopefully do feel more empowered and do feel more secure in their voice.” – Katy Widrick

“When you empower women, they empower other women.” - Lauren “L” Howard


Lauren “L2” Howard

Website: elletwo

IG | @elle_two

LinkedIn: @elletwo