EP11: From Diet Culture to Authentic Healing: Megan Hansen’s Metabolism Makeover

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Megan Hansen

In this podcast episode, Katy is joined by Megan Hansen. Megan Hansen, a Registered Dietitian, founded Metabolism Makeover nearly a decade ago with the goal of teaching, not telling, clients the art and proven science of long-term weight loss…without extreme measures like tracking calories or spending hours at the gym.

In this conversation, Megan shares insights into her personal growth journey, the importance of trusting her intuition, what her own up-bringing and experiences taught her about diet culture, fat loss and more...and the important roles she balances (including CEO, content creator, author and MOM!).

Megan also talks about what led her to write and publish Metabolism Makeover: Ditch the Diet, Train Your Brain, Drop the Weight for Good and why she stepped away from the brand she'd created, as a "vodka-loving dietitian."

Her story is inspirational, motivational, emotional and includes some very hard costs in her personal and professional life, and wait until you hear what she's planning next!


- Navigating personal growth, trusting intuition, and building confidence

- Megan's pivot from being the "vodka-loving dietitian" to an all-new brand

- The importance of balancing nutrition and exercise for overall wellness

- Megan’s lifestyle program and her Metabolism Makeover book!

- Lessons learned of Katy & Megan in their own journey balancing motherhood and business

- The significance of authenticity in attracting like-minded individuals

- Understanding “what is right for you” by tuning into your intuition and body


“The biggest piece of advice I can give to anybody is remove any sort of shoulds or shouldn't. It's what is right for you; because the shoulds and the shouldn’ts are just your conditioned response to whatever you've been conditioned to by the world. It's not coming from within.” – Megan Hansen 

“I’m really understanding the power of free writing. It’s such a trust-the-process thing. All good things happen. And so, this concept feels very powerful to me.” – Katy Widrick 


Megan Hansen

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