EP16: Money Loves Speed: How to Match Your Visionary’s Pace Without Stumbling at the Finish Line

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In this solo episode, I delves into my role as a strategic partner for visionary CEOs and the importance of moving quickly in business. I share helpful insights and tips for both visionaries and integrators to cultivate successful collaborations, making your big, bold, and visionary ideas come to life.

Join me in this discussion focusing on the mantra “money loves speed”, the art of balancing ambition, and execution in the pursuit of business excellence.


- The importance of speed in making money

- How implementers can help execute ideas for visionaries

- On setting achievable goals that align with one’s abilities and values

- The pivotal role of building trust with visionary founders and being a reliable partner

- On pacing and collaboration with project management

- How avoiding distractions ensures a successful launch

- On finding the right partner to craft the vision into reality

- How building a community with founder stories can be of inspiration


“A visionary and a great team of people — who implement, push, run at their speed, and agree that ‘money loves speed’ — that's when the magic happens.” – Katy Widrick

“If you are a service provider who is looking to work with visionaries in a new way — or is looking to take the next level in your career —  I really want you to think about money loves speed and running at the pace of your visionary partner.” – Katy Widrick

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