RTT Show Cover Art (1600 × 900 px)

Welcome to the Rising Tide Talents Show!

Together, we'll dive into the 7-figure facts that every business owner needs to know, we'll talk about what *truly* works for sustainable success in and out of the office, and yes…we'll get REALLY REAL about what it takes to find fulfillment and flow, avoid burnout and actually love your life.

I'm your host, Katy Widrick - a Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer who scales businesses to and through 7, 8 and even 9 figures.

I'm obsessed with systems and spreadsheets but I also believe that when Mercury is retrograde, you'd better honor that vibe…oh, and I'm also a mom, which, let's admit…may be the hardest job of all.

The tide is rising - so let's dive in.

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