EP14: Pathways to Prosperity: Navigating Finance, Growth, and Entrepreneurship with Sugey Piedra

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Join Katy in this insightful episode as she engages in a conversation with Sugey Piedra, an Enrolled Agent and a certified tax preparer with over two decades of experience. Sugey is passionate about helping her clients optimize their finances and attain the freedom they desire, so they don't have to work indefinitely.

In her role as the co-founder of Prominence Business & Wealth Management, Sugey leads a dedicated team that assists high-earning service-based business owners in building long-term wealth. The holistic approach of her firm encompasses bookkeeping, tax preparation, financial planning, and tax strategy, all offered under one roof. Sugey's journey into the realms of business, financial planning, and money management is an inspiring narrative that she shares in this episode. She discusses how she educates her clients, empowering them with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of taxation and make informed decisions.

Their conversation takes a personal turn as Sugey reflects on her own journey from her youth to her current venture, highlighting the pivotal moments that have shaped her approach to financial services. Sugey's invaluable insights into the factors influencing the success of her business provide an in-depth look into her entrepreneurial mindset. She also shares her experiences and strategies for overcoming limiting beliefs and self-doubts, offering guidance to aspiring business owners.

This episode offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for anyone seeking to gain financial independence and a balanced life. Join Katy and Sugey Piedra as they explore the intricacies of financial management, entrepreneurship, and the path to true financial freedom today!


- How Sugey educates her clients in handling taxes

- Sugey’s journey from being a young to a business venture

- Factors that influence the success of the business

- Katy and Sugey’s reflections on past experiences influencing their financial mindset

- On dealing with limiting beliefs and self-doubts

- The importance of people delegation and letting go of perfectionism

- Audrey’s struggles with balancing work and personal life

- What’s Audrey’s money mindset advice?

- The significant role of understanding business, financial planning & money management


“I wanted to create this show not to spend time wallowing in trauma. These stories, I find them so empowering and so relatable… so I hope that you have given yourself some credit.” – Katy Widrick

“It doesn't matter if they're a CPA, it doesn't matter if they're an enrolled agent, it doesn't matter if they're just a regular tax professional with a state certification. Find someone that's going to take the time to really educate you on a better tomorrow. Your tax return is telling a story.” – Sugey Piedra


Sugey Piedra

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