What a Difference a Year Makes

No outline — no plan. Just me, from the heart.

A year ago, I was deep in burnout. And I was acting out…at work, at home. Everywhere.

My symptoms:

Crying all the time. No patience for anything or anyone. Headaches. Constant fatigue but also crippling insomnia. Weekends spent in bed watching TV — with my laptop out.

It wasn’t all bad. During the year that I slowly then quickly fell into burnout, I had so many bright spots. Friendships that still fuel me to this day. Family adventures. Work adventures — even a trip to Mexico, which ranks in the Top 5 travel experiences of my life.

But for a while, it was bad. Almost all of it. August through October were among the darkest times of my life and they came after a pretty tough May through July.

I’ve talked about that in a long and in-depth interview of the podcast, so if you want the dirty details, feel free to revisit.

But today…I am in an incredible place. And I can honestly say I don’t take a moment for granted.

Working less — making more.

Feeling pride about what I stand for and what I say.

Being present as a mom and a wife and a daughter and a friend. (Talk about my girls trip to Maine.)

If someone had told me I could feel this way a year ago, I never would have believed it. And you may not be in a place where you can believe it either.

But listen to me now, and mentally bookmark this. Because it can get better. I promise.